About me



sometimes fighting,
with the matter
gives life to little creatures

from my hands

Losing myself in folds,
curls and curves
time for me
often stops,
and it finds me Here and Now.


Everything fills up

With serenity, peace and joy.
Limits between the matter and I dissolve.
Everything becomes Unity and…
from this dimension a new being is born”


For me working with wool has been a great discovery, a unique and invaluable experience. It has been a joy that renews itself and allows me to show my creativity. It gives me voice and provides space to awareness and vital energies.

It is a discovery that reveals itself in the magic of creation. It gives shape and life to amazing creations. At the same time it provides balance to our own inside world, and, I daresay, a therapeutic value.

It is an experience that, in the softness and warmth of the materials, holds a sense of well-being. At the same time it delicately guides the hand, evoking and giving form and soul to each creation.

It is a joy that renews itself every time a unique BambinadiCaldalana is born. It comes to life and shines in the beauty of its chromatic pattern, a reflection of our own soul of a child.