LeBambine are born from the experience and sensitivity of Elena Ribolzi.
Perfect as a gift or a refined accessory. LeBambine provide originality, color to your style, and enrich the world of who receives them.
They are unique in their style. LeBambine are completely handmade with love and attention according to the Waldorf pedagogic approach.


Their faces, barely defined, allow children the freedom to animate them with their creativity and to imagine their facial expressions. The roundness fosters emotional and sentimental feelings.
Through symbolic play, LeBambine assume new expressions and offer a space to nurture the child’s imagination and creativity.The warmth and softness of these handcrafted items stimulate and promote a tactile and visual joy.
Touching the natural materials helps establish an immediate relationship with nature and it stimulates an ecological awareness.


Every item is created with high quality materials. One can feel the wool’s warm heart, which gives form and magic to these beautiful objects.
The imperfections are a sign of quality and uniqueness.
The handmade items are made exclusively with naturally dyed wool. 

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